True Cinema Experience

January 2011

Blu-rays sound a bit like some type of weapon that might be used in a bad sci-fi fl ick but in reality they look very much like CDs or DVDs. With more space for data, they deliver the sharpest, most realistic video to date. The audio and video they provide are perfect for home entertainment systems, even better than watching high-definition cable or satellite TV. Although conventional DVDs can be played (and actually look better) on a Blu-ray disc player, Blu-ray discs can’t be viewed through a DVD player – only with a special player, Sony PlayStation3 or through some televisions with a player integrated into them. Just to impress you, Blu-rays have five times the amount of storage capacity and offer up to six times the picture resolution of DVDs (two million pixels per frame) and have 7.1 channels of lossless hi-def audio. The extra room for data means these discs often feature additional interactive games, interviews, deleted movie scenes and commentaries from directors.

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