Rugged Romance

Rugs are no longer just pieces of material on the floor – now they’re functional works of art! A quality rug can transform a room instantly and complement your existing furniture, so there’s no need to replace and remodel if you’re after a new look.

There’s something for every taste, with a variety of rug shapes, colours and designs all readily available – even some of Australia’s well-known fashion names like Alex Perry, Akira Isogawa and Easton Pearson have got in on the act and designed stunning limited-edition ‘artworks’ for Designer Rugs! Keep reading because we’ve got the latest designs, hints on what to look for, and care tips so your work of art lasts.


1 Decide on what size you want. It’s a good idea to do a rough measurement of the area you want it to go in – it would be terrible to bring a rug home that’s too large for the space you had in mind.

2 Choose what shape you’d like – circular rugs are the latest trend as they are a fantastic way to soften the angles of a sharp, modern space; and they look amazing in an entrance hall. You can also find designs available in quirky shapes, like a pretty pink rug in the shape of a cupcake – ideal for a little girl’s bedroom.

3 It may seem unimportant, but deciding on what type of weave or texture you want in a rug is vital – you wouldn’t want a shagpile rug in a classic country-style home, as it’s more suited to a modern or retro decor. Consider where the rug will go and how often it will be walked on – if you have kids you may want something durable and easy to clean, or perhaps you just want a luxury piece for show.

4 When choosing a pattern remember that rug designs today are like art – a beautiful pattern instantly makes a room visually interesting and brings the space to life. Also note that busy designs hide marks and usually require less maintenance.

5 Now, when choosing the colour of the rug remember certain hues can either make or break a room; so for bedrooms and small rooms, for instance, go for soft tones and simple designs. Darker colours are better in cooler seasons as they give a warm, cosy vibe and are best for rooms with high foot traffic. Keep in mind your furniture and rug don’t need to match; work with your flooring and paint shade and you can add affordable soft furnishings like cushions and curtains to complement the rug’s colours.

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