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Renovating Bug
January 3, 2011, 12:09 pm

Am I the only person in the world who hasn’t succumbed to the renovating virus? It seems everyone I know is doing up the kitchen or the bathroom – or both – adding a deck off the living area, or enclosing their deck to make an extra room.

I’m the odd one out and I’m starting to feel I can’t get a toehold in any conversation at social gatherings. The topic may be converting the laundry into a kids’ bathroom and, thankful for something I have experience of, I’ll offer “Oh, yes, when we did that 10 years ago…” Ten years? Their eyes have already glazed over and they’ve moved on.

Perhaps I was the same when I was at that stage – I have a sneaking suspicion I was. But just because I’m not ripping up floors or putting in windows, it doesn’t mean I’ve stopped thinking of ways to freshen up the look of my home, or fine-tune the details to stay up to date. Does anyone ever really stop doing things to their home? I don’t think so. New cushions, a different rug, put up some modern wallpaper, or take down some that’s past its live-with date – we all want a place that suits our personality and makes us feel good.