Relaxation central

A holiday-let property clearly has specific requirements regarding its outdoor areas - and it also provides some good ideas for family-home gardens too.

Story Gabrielle Baxter
Photography Tony Potter
Styling Kirsten Randl-Katalinic

This holiday destination is among the best in the world – Bondi – say no more! And a group of specialists involved in landscaping, building and furniture production got the short-term let idea from a friend who was doing it very successfully. Check it out at


Their initial venture – BONDI 113, a semi near north Bondi – worked so well, they did it again. It was another semi but this one is in Roscoe Street – just a short walk from the famous beach. This time, however, they decided to raise the level of accommodation offered to premium quality because, as Julia Dangar, the property manager, remarks: “there’s a huge lack of that sort of rental in Bondi.”
As with 113, Julia’s husband, William Dangar, who runs a landscaping firm, got together with builder Bill Clifton, his business partner in the furniture company, Robert Plumb, to buy the second one. Naturally enough, it was William who created the garden areas at the new acquisition – and they contribute considerably to its success.

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