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The Personal Touch
April 23, 2013, 5:09 pm

I think even the least inquisitive of us seems to be interested in the way our acquaintances view the world. Not surprisingly I suppose, for me that extends to the way their homes look, and I tend to think I'm not alone in my wondering.

Sometimes when I'm with a group of people I don't know well I'll play a little game of imagining the sort of home they live in – not so much the type of building as the way they choose to decorate it. After all, the outside is just the shell, but the inside is often a reflection of the resident’s personality.

I don't often get the chance to see if it really is inspired by their travels as I'd pictured or as bright and cheery as their nature suggests, though I must admit I've been well off the mark with the few I've later had the chance to visit.

I'd say that just goes to show that decorating a home is much more personal than simply picking a room from a catalogue or showroom - but even when that is the case, it's the individual touches that are added that give a home its character and set it apart from others.

That’s part of the of the pleasure of settling in with a favourite magazine. As you read the homeowners' stories and discover where their inspiration came from, you can flip back and look at the rooms again with a fresh eye and understanding. That’s part of the fun of ‘magazining’ – the term that seems to sum up the enjoyable pastime of reading magazines.