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With his love of technology and knack for developing gadgets established from an early age, it seems only fitting that Lior Rauchberger should found a company like Urban Intelligence – a specialist provider of residential and commercial automation. Selina Gordevich spoke to Lior about his amazing work, the projects Urban Intelligence has worked on, and how he went from completing degrees in medicine and surgery to working with technology.

Three words to describe Urban Intelligence?
Innovative, entrepreneurial, tech-savvy.

Tell us about Urban Intelligence.
We are a specialist provider of residential and commercial automation – which is the simplified or automated control of devices within the home. It can be as simple as a basic remote-controlled garage door, but in an integrated home it can extend to the control of lighting, airconditioning, security and audio-visual equipment, and motorised blinds – all triggered via one technology. This residential application is now commonly known as a ‘smart home’. We generally refer to ourselves as ‘technology architects’ because we design the systems in much the same way as an architect draws up plans for a house.

Greatest success to date?
Establishing our business – which is a total technology solution. We offer a turn-key solution, so clients – including builders, architects and homeowners – don’t need to shop around for several different providers. We offer it all in a customised package.

Is there one project you’re particularly proud of?
There are many residential properties I’m proud Urban Intelligence was involved with. One such property in Prahran, Victoria, stands out as it was a six-month project where we developed a full design profile for the client. They wanted all the technology elements, such as alarm systems and cables, concealed from view – it was challenging but rewarding being responsible for every stage. The Lyon House-Museum was another interesting project. In this case the architect-owner wanted to show his private art collection to people while living in the property. The house includes artwork and installations by many leading contemporary Australian artists and we provided the technology, including the lighting to accompany the pieces.

New internet music systems that allow you to access music on demand in any room of the home. The wireless controller gives instant access to your music collection and to millions of songs from online music services – including internet radio stations.

Sick of…
Technology out there that isn’t user-friendly – I’m very focused on ensuring any product or technology we recommend to clients is simple and intuitive to operate.

What trends are you seeing in electrical and automation solutions for the home?
Increasingly clients want energy-efficient homes that assist in reducing their carbon footprint and energy consumption. Technology is also becoming more and more integrated with many systems now available through the internet; this includes security, cable TV and interactive games.

What are your best home electrical and automation tips?
Keep technology simple and easy. Before investing money on technology systems or devices think about whether you will actually use them regularly. And ensure the company you employ to deliver the technology provides follow-up consultations to see how you’re going with usage. There is a degree of hand-holding for clients when they receive new technology and we make sure they are completely comfortable using it – even after installation.

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