January 2011

Confused by the alphabet of flat-screen television terms such as LCD and LED? Advances in technology give us better products but it also means researching and shopping something so seemingly simple as a TV can be very difficult. We thought there was just a choice between LCD and plasma but now you can buy a LED/LCD set. In an LCD monitor, liquid crystal is compressed between sheets of glass and the image is created when the crystals, backlit by a fluorescent lamp, are stimulated by electricity. Now there’s a choice of buying a set that’s backlit with hundreds of light-emitting diodes (LED) instead. Sharp has released three models of its popular AQUOUS LED backlight LCD television that are promised to be more energy efficient with ultra-high dynamic contrast ratios and crystal clear and crisp images. And, they are bragging that the 46-inch LX700X model is the only LED/LCD television in Australia that comes with an integrated Blu-ray player in the set. For stockists, visit

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