Information Snacking

January 2011

If the experts are correct, you can expect to see Telstra’s new T-Hub in many of our kitchen benchtops. Aimed at Australian families, this tablet style app-filed device is being described as the “next generation of home phones”. With an 18cm touchscreen that sits in a cradle and hooks into Telstra’s fixed line and broadband networks, it also comes with a cordless handset for phone calls. Connected to the internet, this device makes it easy to ‘information snack’ by providing instant access to social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter as well as sites for checking the weather and accessing news. Other features and applications include a music and video player, digital photo frame, digital radio, contact book, notepad, calendar, visual voicemail along with the Yellow and White Pages. It’s available from Telstra as part of 15 different bundle options.