Holiday at Home

Be inspired by stunning tropical resorts from around the world and create a little slice of holiday heaven at home with a resort-style bathroom.

Compiled by Selina Gordevich

While outdoor showers are popular for homes near the beach or with pools, why not look to building one in your own courtyard or private garden – regardless of whether you have a pool or not. Done well, an outdoor shower or bath, can be the best place to relax and unwind – a special place for you to be among nature and under the stars.
First and foremost, check with your local council to see if there are any restrictions in place then consult a plumber and landscape designer to find a good spot to build your outdoor shower. A small courtyard is an ideal location and vertical gardens can be built on empty walls. Once an area has been designated a barrier may be needed for complete privacy. Look to thick hedges, a screen of bamboo plants or a natural stone wall to keep with the resort feel.
The key to creating the perfect resort-style outdoor shower is to choose natural materials in earthy tones that will blend in with the landscape. Pebbles, stone, sandstone, slate, timber and rock are all good choices and will add to the organic feel. A drainage system that stores water for use in your garden is a wonderful idea and will save on future water costs.
The planting scheme should be mostly evergreen plants such as bamboo palm (Chamaedorea), Bird of paradise (Strelitzia reginae) and water-loving plants like Elephants ears (Colocasia). To finish off, don’t forget items like fresh white cotton towels and luxurious amenities.

With its carved-out stone basin and driftwood vanity, it’s no surprise that the Kenoa Beach Spa & Resort in Brazil aims to have minimal environmental impact. The earthy and natural design is both unique and dramatic and fits the brief for a resort-style bathroom perfectly. Get the look by selecting completely natural pieces in their original form – such as a sink carved into a jagged, misshaped rock. For storage, opt for casual, open shelving. The key is to keep items like toothbrush and soap holders, cosmetics and so forth to a minimum and let the bathroom design take centre stage.