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Flower Power
February 15, 2013, 4:46 pm

This week featured Valentines Day. Not everyone’s cup of tea, but the overall sentiment is a nice idea. Love in all forms, for the most part, is worth celebrating no? Even if you are minus a lover, it doesn’t hurt to tell good ol’ mum or dad how you feel. Spreading some platonic love around will surely put a smile on everyone’s dial, and will make you feel so good that you can ignore the fact that no one got you flowers.

…Because it is disappointing not to get flowers on Valentines Day. Not because no one loves you, but simply because you didn’t get flowers!

I’m sorry, I run the risk of going on a bit of a rant here, but I think flowers are just about the best thing ever. Cheery, happy, sweet-smelling bouquets of absolute loveliness! They really do make the world a better place with their magical ability to instantly brighten up the day. Take a second to think about your home, and despite whether it’s nice or not-so-nice, just close your eyes and picture it with a beautiful big bouquet of white lilies, or sunny daises or blooming roses – it instantly becomes 10 million times better right?!

Talking to a fellow colleague at Home Ideas who used to help out at a florist on Valentines Day, it seems this is the one day of the year they make good money. Apparently some florists do not get any sleep up to 3 days beforehand because it is so hectic! Here’s where I take issue, I mean really, why should flowers be exclusive to special occasions such as these? Why do they seem stuck in that irksome ‘gifts’ category, as something you can only give or receive?

I say you go ahead and buy yourself a bunch of flowers on a weekly basis. A daring idea I know, but why not? Some bunches cost as little as $5, which these days, is not much more than a takeaway coffee. Put them somewhere you can look at them everyday, and notice how much better having just that little bit of loveliness in your life can make you feel.

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