Balcony Bliss

Susan and Gordan Tait from Tait,, know just how great a balcony can be when the space is used properly. Here they share with us their ten top tops for achieving balcony bliss.

The apartment balcony, whether it’s urban or beachside, is an extension of the living room. It’s also a much sought-after and prized slice of real estate. Like any room or nook, large or small, well-chosen and well-designed furniture and accessories will maximise the feeling of space. A thoughtfully decked-out balcony becomes a more useable space for year-round enjoyment.

1. Keep it simple: The KISS principle rings true on the balcony. A few visually
striking elements and colourfu contemporary pieces go a long way. A clutter free space is more useable and inviting.

2. Stack it up: Chairs or stools that stack help in tight spaces. On hand for largor unexpected numbers, and simple to pop unobtrusively in a quiet corner when
not required.

3. All in the family: Selecting pieces from the same collection helps to evoke sense of symmetry and connectivity between indoors and out.

4. Indoors or out: Good furniture is an investment. Aesthetic pieces with the inbuilt flexibility and durability to suit life in the comfort of the living space or out in the elements are clever thinking and wise buying. Versatile,
multi-functional furniture helps to get more out of a balcony while ensuring a seamless flow between indoors and out.

5. Eye candy: At the end of the day, a balcony is like any space – furniture and accessories that are pleasing to the eye will make it a place you will want to spend more time in.

Want the full story? Find it in Home Ideas Vol 8 No 7