The Wemo LED lighting starter set, $169.95, and Wemo Smart LED bulbs, $49.95 from Belkin, allow you to control, schedule, customise and dim household lighting from anywhere using the Wemo app on a smartphone or tablet. Turn off lights forgotten on the way out, dim lights over time as little ones fall asleep or deter burglars when on holiday – the possibilities are endless. With a lifespan of up to 23 years, the bulbs produce the same warm, white light as a traditional 60-watt bulb, but only consume 10 watts of energy.

With just two steps – heat then eat – the Papadum Express makes cooking papadums simple. Stack, then whack them into the microwave and enjoy papadums at home without the mess of using a fry pan. No added oils or fats are required and the high-quality, non-stick tray is made and manufactured in Australia. Head over to for more info.

Good news for all decorators and DIY-lovers, Annie Sloan’s Chalk Paints™ are now available in Australia. Hand-picked stockists will be carrying Sloan’s signature Chalk Paint™, Soft Wax, Pure Bristle Brushes and Craqueleur finish, with paints starting from $60 per litre. She has also just released her new book, Colour Recipes for Painted Furniture and More, which shares 40 new step-by-step projects to update tired furniture and transform the home.

Samsung’s latest range of Smart TVs has a number of innovative features that

Inspired by the days of old, the Brown Paper Bag is a lunchbox with a cute twist! Made from a tear-proof, leak-resistant, tough and insulating material, it won't be wrecked nearly as easily as the more traditional versions. A sturdy magnet at the opening will keep food either warm or chilled, and the kids can even doodle on it to make it as personal as they wish. Available for IS, $21.95.

“When shopping for a digital radio it’s important to know which features (price, sound output, design, ease of use, iPod dock, extra features, etc) are the most important to you. l recommend doing your research online and in-store.” – Brian Rogers, Bush Australia


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Now you can watch what you want, when you have the time, with Internet Protocol Television.

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Introducing Uniden’s wireless, digital-encrypted video-surveillance range – a selection of high-quality cameras and monitors with PC connectivity for recording, which utilise digital FHSS wireless technology for a secure, interference-free experience. Uniden’s surveillance systems also include software for photo and video capture with scheduled recordings, smart motion detection and a playback feature. The USW 1101 bundle combines a 3.5in monitor and portable camera, all for $299.95. For stockists, visit

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Why do we need digital television and radio? The basic answer is vastly improved picture and sound quality and the ability to use all the screen space offered by widescreen television sets. It’s a worldwide advance and although at the moment Australia broadcasts in both digital and analog signals, the push is on to go completely digital. Progressively, for the next three years, analog TV signals will be switched off and unless you have a set capable of receiving digital, you will have to upgrade to one with an in-built digital tuner or invest in a digital set-top box.

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Confused by the alphabet of flat-screen television terms such as LCD and LED? Advances in technology give us better products but it also means researching and shopping something so seemingly simple as a TV can be very difficult. We thought there was just a choice between LCD and plasma but now you can buy a LED/LCD set. In an LCD monitor, liquid crystal is compressed between sheets of glass and the image is created when the crystals, backlit by a fluorescent lamp, are stimulated by electricity.

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