Georgie Leckey is the owner and founder of Heatherly Design, a company that specialises in creating beautiful upholstered bedheads. After travelling to England where upholstered bedheads are considered a necessity in decorating a bedroom, she realised that there were no quality bedheads in Australia to offer that finishing touch and layer of comfort to a bedroom.

Be seated at the table with the Muuto Nerd dining chair from Urban Couture. Created by Danish industrial designer David Geckeler, it combines precise detailing and style to create a truly unique piece. Available in a selection of colours, it even has felt pads on the feet of the solid wooden legs to avoid scratching. They’re $698 each.

Working in the garden is so much more fun when you have the right tools! These Gardening Tools from Mozi’s Tropicalia collection are just the thing for a spot of summer gardening. They’re $39.95.

The Chloe Vintage Sofa from EcoChic is the epitome of style and elegance. EcoChic are determined to produce environmentally friendly products, so this is one purchase you can definitely feel good about. It’s $1,950.

Inspired by tree branches, the Branch by Tribu fits in with the natural landscape. Easy to maintain and recycle, it is suitable for all kinds of weather. Available in three colours at Cosh Living.

For me, Christmas is the best time of year. I get to see my family, relax, catch up with friends and, best of all, watch as shopfronts, streets and homes transform into glittering places of red, green and white! However, I’m also conscious of how much waste seems to come from this one day. We gush over new clothes, toys and gadgets but in the wake of our giddy euphoria, we leave a path of reindeer wrapping paper, opened bon bons and discarded lolly wrappers.

From salad servers and coasters to bar stools and coat stands, wood is both wonderfully versatile and beautifully stylish.

1. Toolives wooden salad servers, $55, Design For Use.

2. Balmoral barstool, $129, Fantastic Furniture.

3. Wooden bulb, $249.95, Todae.

4. DesignByThem stem tree coat stand in natural, $945, Top3 by design.

By Danielle Hanrahan

Wood is one of the most versatile materials used for building homes, furniture, toys and utensils. Forest & Wood Products Australia explain why it’s great for the home.

Carbon neutral. As trees grow they naturally store CO2 from the atmosphere. When a tree is harvested it continues to store carbon for the remainder of its life as a wood product – whether that’s as a floorboard, in a weatherboard exterior wall or a piece of furniture.

Invite these adorable little woodland creatures into the home for a natural setting that’s fun and quirky.

1. OWL PALS Add a little fun to the playroom with these colourful wall stickers, $49.95, from Moo Said The Cow.

2 & 3. CUTE ’N’ CUDDLY Handmade with 100 per cent soft organic cotton stuffed with natural fibres and printed with soy-based ink, these cuddly owl and panda cushions, $45 each, from Hunt & Gather are perfect for bringing a little forest fun into the home.

Being one with nature can calm fraught nerves, rejuvenate the mind, refresh the body and soothe the soul. Here’s how to bring a little of the outdoors in.

• Choose an earthy palette. Paint walls with colours that are inspired by nature: green evokes grass, trees and plants; blue is refreshing like water and ethereal like the sky, and yellow is bright and warming like the sun. • Install timber flooring. Wood floors are stylish and renewable products which create a feeling of warmth in the home.