Breville has teatime covered with its amazing new BTM800 Automatic Tea Maker & Kettle. Look forward to always having the perfect cuppa as the kettle knows the correct temperature and brewing time required to extract the full aroma and flavour of popular tea varieties such as green, black, white, herbal and oolong. There are also three preset brewing times to control the strength of the tea and an option to keep the pot warm for up to 60 minutes, plus you can preselect a starting time. $299.95. For stockists, visit

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Cook your meals the healthy way with the Breville BGR820 Smart Grill™ with Element IQTM technology, which compensates for the temperature drop when cold food is added to the preheated surface by injecting heat into the plates for fast and easy cooking. $399.95. For stockists, visit

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Prepare delicious Japanese dishes with Maxim’s Steamboat & Teppanyaki Hot Plate, a fun and easy way to entertain your guests. Made from heavy-cast metals, it features an aluminium non-stick hotplate and is finished in quality stainless steel. Cook up a storm in no time! $99.95. For stockists, visit

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It looks like a piece of modern sculpture, but it’s really an exciting new development for kitchens with induction stoves. The E:Motion trivet by Electrolux allows home chefs to dabble in traditional wok cooking when used with the complementary stainless-steel wok. According to the senior design manager for Electrolux Asia Pacific, Scott King, the versatility this product provides “allows you to stir-fry, deep-fry, braise, roast, steam and simmer by fusing the benefits of traditional Asian wok cooking with modern induction technology”.

It seems like magic but in today’s modern kitchen, it’s possible to cook with no flames or heat transferred from the surface of the cooktop. Blanco’s new black touch-sensitive surface uses sophisticated magnetic technology and induction coils to transfer energy from under the surface to a cast-iron or steel pan to generate heat. And, as an important safety feature, the surface cools down quickly. Fast and economical, it takes just half the time of a conventional electric cooktop to boil water using about half the energy.

Imagine biting into your very own, home-made, crispy woodfi re pizza without leaving your garden! The Heatmaster Garden Oven, $1995, makes outdoor cooking, dining and entertaining easy – all year round! Not only perfect for pizza, it also cooks just about anything a conventional oven can do, such as roasts, bread, cakes, fish and much more. The unit is fully portable so if you move house, the oven can go too! For stockists, visit