Ever since 1835 when Colonial Secretary Alexander Macleay pegged out the site for John Verge to design Elizabeth Bay House, the western slope of Elizabeth Bay has been a favoured location among Sydney’s leisured ladies and gentlemen.

Inspired by the ease with which they put up a concrete retail store in their home town of Parkes, New South Wales, Karen and John Creith decided to build a new house the same way – with somewhat unexpected results.

Georgina and Miles live to the beat of an inner-city drum in their remarkably remodelled terrace. Yes, you read correctly – this is a terrace house. From the street, it looks like many other period buildings in Darlinghurst, but behind the carefully restored 1910 facade lies a home which is anything but old-fashioned. In fact, it's a true reflection of the city around it: innovative, daring and, most of all, big on fun.

While others gave up on this challenging Mosman property, Antoinette and David took the project on, and created a true haven that embraces the sun, the sea breeze and spectacular views.

A Sydney builder with an eye for straight lines took matters into his own hands when planning the family home. The result is a funky oasis with nary a curve in sight, proving once again that it’s hip to be square.

Rachael Beck and Ian Stenlake are one of Australia’s golden couples. Super-talented entertainers with their own show, You and I, and a CD about to be released, they not only make beautiful music together, they’ve also produced a stunning four-bedroom home that allows their creative energies to flow freely.

This couple’s dream home is an exciting example of how to take advantage of the latest in technology and design to accommodate the family’s lifestyle – and save the planet too. Perched high on a headland like a seabird’s nest, Jane and Peter’s house commands stunning views over Long Reef and the ocean off Sydney’s northern beaches.

After trading their super-sized American mansion for a more compact home near Sydney Harbour, Adele and Ian are happy to confirm that bigger isn't always better. Moving a family from one continent to another is never easy. Usually it entails finding jobs, looking for new schools for the kids and, of course, setting up house. And for fitness expert Adele Rancan and husband Ian Sutherland – who returned to Australia after five and half years in the US –there was an added challenge.

A brand-new home meant a complete change of style for this modern Novocastrian – and colour was the secret weapon in her decorating arsenal. When Catherine Farragher relocated from a heritage-style home to a harbourside apartment in the recently-completed Lee Wharf development in Newcastle, New South Wales, it signalled the start of a whole new way of life.