Parisian charm meets cutting-edge London style in the inner-Sydney home of Oasis Homewares owner Sharon Barclay.

When Sharon was itching for a change of scenery, the first thought that sprang to mind was moving. But despite an urge for change, her love of the Paddington area – where she had bought her 1880-built, three-storey terrace 18 years earlier – kept her and husband Simon Field (and their black labradoodle, Barnaby) grounded.

This stunning renovation is an excellent lesson in collaboration when re-creating an older home the owners fell in love with – and preserving its integrity.

Cameron and Sue Wild went from living in a high-maintenance Federation-style weatherboard complete with rambling English garden to a sleek, ultra-modern home on a spectacular bush block – and they haven’t looked back!

John and Debra Scerri have put a great deal of hard work and careful planning into the creation of their exquisite beachside family home and are now so delighted, they wouldn't change a thing.

Newcastle or New York? This renovated terrace is packed full of bold visual elements, creating a unique inner-city oasis.


Tuning in to the energy of the Art Deco period she found in an apartment block built in the 1920s, interior designer Maryanne Collins celebrates this exciting era by re-creating its glamour anew.

As a stylist and interior designer, Kirstin Randl-Katalinic’s friends are always keen to see ‘what Kirstin does next’. Naturally, their curiosity was piqued when they heard she and her husband were planning a brand-new home.


From design concept down to the last piece of silverware, this apartment functions as a seamless whole.

When Karen Cavdarovski pointed to a property and told her family they’d all be living on its land some day, no-one believed her. Four years on she had an ‘I told you so’ moment as she and her loved ones became happily ensconced in the contemporary home they built right where she predicted.

Janelle and David’s house is a haven for their busy family and completely at one with its bush surroundings.