It was love at first sight for Kristy Carr when she found her stunning house on Sydney’s Northern Beaches that offered everything from breathtaking views to holiday-style luxury.

When opportunity knocked, Stu Marks flung the door open wide, moving to New York and into this stylish loft apartment.
Welcome to the garment district, a square mile of Manhattan that was once the hub of America’s textile manufacturing industry. Since then, however, the landscape has changed and many formerly bustling facilities have been converted into retail and residential premises. That was the case for this loft, one of 25 in a building that previously housed sewing machine manufacturers and distributors.

Lucy and David’s home on Sydney’s Northern Beaches offers the benefits of coastal living together with chic and contemporary inner-city style.

After happily living on Sydney’s lower North Shore, Lucy and David made the move to the Northern beachside suburb of Bilgola Plateau. There they purchased a four-bedroom, 1970s-built habitat home designed by architect Michael Dysart. “We walked in and it was pouring with rain yet it was still nice inside,” says Lucy, who made the change with her family in search of a better lifestyle.

A steep challenge provided Sunshine Coast architects Lee Foster and Scott Falconer with the perfect platform to show off their talents.

For many years this block in the idyllic town of Coolum Beach has remained undeveloped with the owners – local builder Ian Callaghan and his wife Susan – waited for the right moment to create their dream home. When the time came, they called in Lee Foster and Scott Falconer from design firm Aboda.


Although it was originally built in 1910, this family home couldn't be better equipped to handle the burgeoning technology this new century promises.

There's nothing quite like living at the beach - but staying a while in luxurious surroundings within walking distance of one of the world's best comes a close second.

Story Gabrielle Baxter
Photography Tony Potter
Styling Kirstin Randl-Katalinic

Technology and ecology join forces to signal the way forward for inner-city living. As a model of 21st century living, it promises a future which is both bright and green.

Story Mark Vender
Photography David James
Styling Kirstin Randl-Katalinc


A bold exterior to withstand nature's barrage and a lavish, liveable interior to give warmth and comfort - this is a fortress fit for a family.

Story Mark Vender
Photography Tony Potter
Styling Kathryn Borglund

Artist and designer John Lacey's natural talent and training not only support an enviable lifestyle, they also created the environment in which he and his wife, Lydia, can thoroughly enjoy it.

Story by Gabrielle Baxter
Photography Ross Williams
Styling Bronte Camilleri

Natives of Adelaide in beautiful South Australia, John and Lydia lived in that city until quite recently, and built their first two homes there. Now, however, they reside in Mt Compass, a small town about an
hour south.

Tiffany and Peter Zanatta thought outside the ‘white box’ to create an exciting and mood-filled home.

In hindsight, it was never going to be an ‘ordinary’ house. As a stylist and interior designer, Tiffany Zanatta has a vast compendium of decorating ideas to play with. Her husband, Peter, was once a builder and brought his know-how to the planning table, too.