David Emery started out designing and making furniture to meet his personal needs, but the positive response he received for his beautifully sculpted pieces soon saw orders coming through thick and fast – he even made the furniture for the Speaker’s office in Parliament House, Canberra. Now, David Emery Furniture Design is well known for its high quality and original, Australian-made contemporary furniture. He talks to Selina Gordevich about his influences, craft and spending his days sanding!

With his love of technology and knack for developing gadgets established from an early age, it seems only fitting that Lior Rauchberger should found a company like Urban Intelligence – a specialist provider of residential and commercial automation. Selina Gordevich spoke to Lior about his amazing work, the projects Urban Intelligence has worked on, and how he went from completing degrees in medicine and surgery to working with technology.

Three words to describe Urban Intelligence?
Innovative, entrepreneurial, tech-savvy.

Spring is all about colour, beautiful blooms, entertaining and new trends. From putting together a lovely table setting for your friends and family to keeping up with the latest looks, we have it all covered! How about drawing inspiration from your favourite spring flowers and decorating your home in shades that match? We’ve found romantic items to go with red tulips, bright yellow temptations for daffodil fanatics, pretty pastel pieces inspired by sweet peas and classic white suggestions for those who love lilies-of-the-valley – what’s your new favourite?