If it’s time for a fresh new look for your home, the best place to start is with the walls. We love what the latest wallpapers can do to make a statement or create a mood in a room.

A palatial penthouse that cascades over three floors in the heart of the CBD is certain to set an exciting new architectural look for Sydney. The 470sqm penthouse will perch atop a 17-storey apartment building called Eliza at 141-143 Elizabeth Street, next door to the five-star Sheraton on the Park. Every floor has a different shape, and its facade is contoured, sculptured and asymmetrical, with serpentine curves and artistic flourishes.

Darrin Ingleton and Peter Ricketts founded CIBO Design in 2004, a partnership that combines their creative vision and industry savvy to design and produce premium bathroomware. Now a leading Australian bathroomware label, CIBO Design creates standard and custom-made bathroom fittings, all of which boast a contemporary edge and superior craftsmanship. Darrin and Peter talk to Selina Gordevich about their inspiration, success and bathroom-renovation tips.

Three words to describe CIBO Design?
Contemporary, chic, fresh.

Every season is special in its own way – spring is filled with gorgeous flowers in bloom, summer is for sunny days at the beach and autumn presents a beautiful show of colour in a sea of fallen leaves. Then there’s winter, a time for turning your home into a warm cocoon while the cold winds howl outside, and for snuggling up with a soft woollen throw in front of a fireplace or heater – true bliss. Here are a few of our must-haves for the coming season and some tips on the best ways to transform your home into a winter escape.

Need a little magic to pep up a room? Just follow our quick tricks for great looks with minimum fuss.

Be aware of adjoining rooms and the need to continue the look seamlessly from one to the other. Create a sense of flow by using a similar colour palette and link the rooms by echoing distinctive features or repeating accent colours.


As the Design Centre Manager for The Laminex Group, Lorraine Brigdale covers trend forecasting, colour and range updates and showroom design. With a feel for local fashions and an innate colour sense, she develops trend directions for Laminex products so they’re suited to the distinctive Australian style. Lorraine speaks to Selina Gordevich about her work and what to look out for in the seasons ahead.

Four words to describe Laminex?
Colour and style. Today and tomorrow.

Bob Cadry of Cadrys Handwoven Rug Specialists maintains that every home offers its owners the opportunity to display items that reflect their personalities and characters, whether this takes the form of artworks, artefacts or wallpaper. In his case, Bob says, it’s rugs. There are more than 20 rugs, in various shapes, sizes and designs, filling his house and he believes they are works of art that add a certain richness and interest to a home. Bob talks to Selina Gordevich about his successful family business and his love of rugs.

Young, creative, resourceful and innovative – say hello to Australia’s future interior stylists. Home Ideas challenged a group of Whitehouse Institute of Design students and asked them to create a stylish and contemporary home using the breathtaking beachfront Maritimo apartments in Manly’s North Steyne, Sydney, as their blank canvas. There was no budget or expert help – only enthusiastic originality and imagination allowed.

Rugs are no longer just pieces of material on the floor – now they’re functional works of art! A quality rug can transform a room instantly and complement your existing furniture, so there’s no need to replace and remodel if you’re after a new look.

An eloquent expression of respect for the environment, the Attenborough is Burbank’s second double-storey home to have a 7-star energy-efficiency rating – one of seven Future Collection homes which are designed at two stars above the current industry standard. Compared with the average 2.5-star Melbourne home, the Attenborough 3500’s annual utility bill is around $1200 less.