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As editor of Home Ideas since it started, Susan has lost her heart to a dozen fabulous places and seen more clever ideas than she’ll ever have time to try. She heads a talented team who gravitate naturally to the coffee maker and regale each other with tall tales of products found and projects planned.

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23rd April 2013

What does your decorating style say about you?

15th February 2013

Don't just wait till Valentines Day each year to bring some flowers into your life, take up the challenge and buy a new bunch every week!

6th May 2011

This week's blog is from Assistant Editor Selina Gordevich, who is having a spot of trouble settling into winter - particularly when it comes to creating a functional wardrobe.

16th March 2011

The current issue of Home Ideas has scored a trial run in selected Coles stores across the country and we’re hoping for your support to help us gain permanent shelf space.

The view from Quay
14th March 2011

Assistant Editor Selina was lucky enough to be whisked away by a luxury car to attend the exclusive Electrolux event at world renowned restaurant, Quay on Sydney’s beautiful harbour.

In House Habits
9th February 2011

We’re really excited with our new, improved website. Now we can include lots more of the interesting ideas and products there just isn’t room for in the magazine.

Country cottage
28th January 2011

There’s nothing quite like getting out and seeing what’s happening in the town up the road – even if that town is four or five hours’ drive away.

22nd January 2011

It’s no longer enough simply to put a good wholesome meal on the table every night with a special dish for birthdays and the odd ‘occasion’.

9th January 2011

If you’re ever stuck for something to get a conversation going, throw in the word ‘kitchen’.

3rd January 2011

Am I the only person in the world who hasn’t succumbed to the renovating virus?